Chris Hendrickx Guest lecturer at Universidad Païs Vasco in Eibar

Sergei Ksiondzyk en Laurens Theys in Eibar

Our professional bachelor program climatization is working intensively with Universidad Païs Vasco in Eibar, Basque Country, Spain. This university specializes in renewable energy. Our bachelor program climatization provides added value through the aspect of comfort in buildings. For us the collaboration with Universidad Païs Vasco opens the door to technologies for renewable energy.

Chris Hendrickx teached several guest lectures for the final year students of UPV. The main topic was how climatization, comfort and renewable energy go hand in hand. The Spanish students also got a hands on lecture of the building control system, the practical side of a heating system, but also the setup and adjustments of the burner/boiler combination at UPV.

This year the collaboration is combined with an Erasmus exSergei Ksiondzyk en Laurens Theys in Eibarchange where 2 Flemish students and 2 Spanish students traded places. Our students Sergei Ksiondzyk and Laurens Theys researched how an existing heating system works while looking for quick-wins on energy consumption. Further they researched the practical applicability of heating by using renewable energy.

05 April 2016