Study visit Barcelona 2016

Ecoenergies - warmteproductie
Ecoenergies - volledige aandacht van onze studenten
Nieuwste metrolijn van Barcelona zonder chauffeur
Nieuwste metrolijn van Barcelona
TwentyTu ecologische hight tech Hostel
TwentyTu ecologische hight tech Hostel - er komt wat warmte binnen
TwentyTu ecologische hight tech Hostel - er is ook ventilatie met warmterecuperatie
TwentyTu ecologische hight tech Hostel - lokale warmteopslag
TwentyTu ecologische hight tech Hostel - dakterras
Camp Nou
Camp Nou
Barcelona, zon, zee, strand
Barcelona, zon, zee, strand
Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia
Studenten 2de en 3de jaar klima in Barcelona

From the 11th to the 15th of April 2016 the second and third year students climatization went on a study trip to Barcelona. This study visit included several visits to technical installations. On Tuesday 12/4/2016 we visited the technical installations of EcoEnergies and our hostel TwentyTu. EcoEnergies has an energy plant at the south of the city. In this plant heat for the entire city is ecologically produced from pruning's and green waste. The heat is transferred via a gigantic warm water network throughout the city. In the city sanitary facilities and heating systems receive this heat energy. The Hostel TwentyTu, where we stayed, is one of the users of this heat network. At TwentyTu we saw the other side of the system and.

On Wednesday 13/4/2016 we visited a very well-known football stadium and the university EUETIB-UPC. At the university we got acquainted with the courses the students could take. A sneak preview of the new building at the east side of the city was the end of our visit to the university.

Thursday 14/4/2016 was reserved for the main cultural event of the trip. We visited the Sagrada Familia. As expected the building of this world famous basilica wasn't finished yet. We'll have to come back next year to see the progress of this more than a 100 year build.

We concluded our study trip the same day with a guided bus drive and walk through the city. Barcelona, worth our time!

12 April 2016